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Traffic safety

Our in-house security software monitors and investigates blacklisted and well-known dishonest publisher placements in order to prevent campaign fraud, re-brokering violations along with industry scams.


Growth focus

The major key to app profitability is acquiring first-rate and high LTV users. Our solutions empower you to leverage your own data in order to sustainably grow your customer pool and take your app to a whole new level.


Optimize performance

MidoWeb tracks performance and evaluates the results of every ad. Our reporting software allows you to pinpoint your highest performing ads and then emphasize on them. Results help ensure you reach revenue goals with high quality traffic.


User acquisition

We use data to acquire new users who are expected to download your app. Working with our performance network of advertisers and publishers from around the world we can acquire new buyers in the geographic regions you want.

Our story

MidoWeb is a mobile performance marketing company that focuses on users acquisition for mobile app owners. With a fuse of mobile experts along with an active worldwide network we are a trusted partner in mobile marketing for advertisers.


“Creative without strategy is called ‘art’.

Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising’.”



Finding the most valuable users is difficult and takes resourceful solutions and technology to identify habits. Let us help you and show outrageous success in creating awareness, driving leads and understand customers by purchasing new users for branded apps and more.


At MidoWeb, our values integrate a holistic approach on publisher quality starting with transparency, traffic quantity and quality along with a long term partnership that benefits both sides towards our goals. If your values match our vision drop us a message and start working with us in no time.



In the marketing and advertising industry if you want to be the best you have to work with the best. This is why we pride ourselves with partners that help us untangle the world of mobile advertising.



Our success is reciprocal to your success. MidoWeb’s mission is to provide fitting users for your app and ensure you the growth we promised.